The Traveler


In honor of our recent football screenings at filmfront and the World Cup finale, we are delighted to present one of our favorite films on the sport, preceded by a surprise fifteen minute short:

Kiarostami's first feature film, and arguably one of his best, THE TRAVELER was made for Kanoon (The Centre for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults). A suspenseful and witty story of a young boy's determination to travel from his small town to Tehran to attend a national football match, it combines realism with the economy and precision of a visual artist (the director's first occupation before becoming a filmmaker). Featuring brilliant performances by a cast of non-actors, the film has one of the most gripping, unforgettable endings in film history. ––Ehsan Khoshbakht

by Abbas Kiarostami
1974, digital projection, 83 min

Monday, July 17 at 8:00PM


Nøche de Veranø


Tropical Storm is the first edition of Nøche de Veranø, an annual summer program that platforms video artists and filmmakers based in Mexico and the US. The program is an extension of sodA, a cross-cultural initiative of place-based programs and developments that promote civic engagement and social impact through creative production.

This year’s program is a culmination of contemporary video art and film coming out of Mexico City, touching on a range of topics such as language through portraiture, digital space and spatial memory, identity politics, and our relationships to resistance. The screenings will be held in Chicago, Milwaukee and New York City.


Tropical Storm es la primera edición de Nøche de Veranø, un programa anual de verano, que funciona como plataforma para video artistas y cineastas con sede en México y los Estados Unidos. El programa es una extensión de sodA, una iniciativa intercultural de programas y proyectos comunitarios que promueven la acción cívica y impacto social mediante la producción.

El programa de este año inicia en la Ciudad de México, reúne videoarte y cine contemporáneo con temas como el lenguaje a través del retrato, el espacio digital, la memoria espacial, la política de identidad y nuestras relaciones con la resistencia. Las proyecciones se llevarán a Chicago, Milwaukee y Nueva York.


Cooperativa Crater Invertido
Biquini Wax EPS
Eduardo Makoszay Mayén & Diego Salvador Rios
Jose Eduardo Barajas
Tania Ximena & Yollotl Alvarado
Lorena Lira & Ildefonso Mercadillo

Programmed by Galia Basail-Mulcahy

Saturday, July 28 at 7:00PM