filmfront Fundraiser Party


Join us to celebrate three and a half years of filmfront, our free film and education programming, and the cinema-centered community you've helped us create on Saturday, November 3rd!

Drinks, music, and tamales!
+ a raffle with prizes (from GnarWare Workshop, Gene Siskel Film Center, Cafe Jumping Bean, Milestone Films, Anthology Film Archives, The Point Magazine, Film Quarterly, and University of California Press)

$10-20 (sliding scale) at the door includes +1 beer and +1 raffle ticket.


The Sweet Smell of Success


This is the second screening in a five-part series entitled AMERICAN EGO in which we invite the audience to view this selection of Classical Hollywood cinema with a critical eye to its preconceptions and depictions of success.

Part 2: Platitudes of Success

by Alexander Mackendrick
1957, digital projection, 96 mins

"THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS is a commanding, noir-ish, gutsy exposé highlighting the neon-lit streets of New York's Times Square and kill-or-be-killed attitude of 1950s Manhattan. Spanning over a course of 36 hours, everything's buzzing with nervous energy as the story follows the ruthless and powerful Broadway gossip columnist J. J. Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster), and the unscrupulous press agent Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis), who'll do anything to achieve success. Falco idolizes Hunsecker and supports himself largely by getting items into Hunsecker's column. But recently Hunsecker has frozen him out. Why? Hunsecker asked Falco to break up a romance between Hunsecker's beloved younger sister and her jazz musician boyfriend. Falco has so far failed. He has one night to right his wrongs: engage in a smear campaign against an unintended musician or put his livelihood and career in jeopardy forever."

Program notes and program by Ashley Cooper.

Ashley Cooper is a Location Coordinator for film and TV productions based in Chicago. She is a cinephile who has a passion for classic American cinema.