The Great Good Place


In November filmfront was invited to participate in a group show entitled The Great Good Place curated by Brandon Alvendia for Threewalls.

"Tasking artists, independent curators, and collectives based in Chicago with the challenge of outfitting Threewalls' gallery spaces, the exhibitions within the exhibition will take inspiration from Chicago's make-do and artist-run culture and reconsider a range of contexts from the one-car garage workshop, the living room sleepover, the backyard bbq blowout, the networking dinner party potluck, the closet office conference, the second bedroom studio visit, to the illegal basement nightclub, all as sites of artistic inquiry."

filmfront had a video installation entitled WAITING ROOM and an in-progress booklet alongside numerous other works considering the "Third Place".


Future Has No Anagram


In order to carry on the conversation of our piece for The Great Good Place at Threewalls, filmfront will screen ROOM 666 (CHAMBRE 666), the documentary used to compose our installation.

The film brings sixteen filmmakers together to consider the future of cinema, posing a question at its opening: "Is cinema a language about to get lost or an art about to die?" While the question verges on sensationalism, it elicits a range of responses from the different artists, whose casual remarks and digressions become a compendium of thought on the state of the medium and their expectations for its future.

ROOM 666 (CHAMBRE 666)
by Wim Wenders
1982, digital projection, 50 min


RIPE LEEKS: Dismantling Hollywood

RIPE LEEKS is a quarterly screening series that exclusively showcases recent film and video work by Chicago-based artists.


The spectator is turned into the spectacle in this program of mish/mashed footage drawn from the creation, duration, and reverberations of mainstream movies. STARRING: Bill Murray, Gene Hackman, Meg Ryan, Taylor Lautner and Mark Wahlberg like you've never seen them before!

Featuring work by Deborah Stratman, Jillian Hansen-Lewis, Kera MacKenzie + Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Kevin B. Lee, and Michael Wawzenek.


by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
digital projection, 5 min

by Kevin B. Lee
digital projection, 26 min

by Michael Wawzenek
digital projection, 6 min

by Jillian Hansen-Lewis
digital projection, 12 min

by Deborah Stratman
digital projection, 15 min

Run time: 64 min

Curated by Michael Wawzenek of Little House