Chicago Art Book Fair


Exhibitor, Chicago Art Book Fair 2017.
Publications: Film Food Footnotes I & II, Machina* & Metaphor.


World on a Wire


Fassbinder's only sci-fi, a made-for-TV epic of the German New Wave from 1973, plays presciently with ideas of virtual reality in a paranoid corporate conspiracy. For our final screening of 2017, we want to take a look at notions of falsity and fiction--what it means to realize the world we've always taken as real is revealed a fake.

In WORLD ON A WIRE, "what we see is the 1973 Munich of systematic anxiety and glassy corporate offices, when the German Emergency Acts were still fresh in the collective mind and big steel companies could lurk as shadowy forces in the background. Rather, it's a world of realities constructed and punctured in which people literally plug into alternate identities and delete each other, a maze of cabarets, dolls, screens within screens and double- and triple-sided mirrors that's ideal for Fassbinder's caustic view of human interaction and exploitation." - Fernando F. Croce (Mubi Notebook)

by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1973, digital projection, 212 min