Jorge Bordello: Lo Que Se Ve No Se Pregunta

"Lo que se ve, no se pregunta" ––Juan Gabriel

Join us for a night of video-art from visiting artist Jorge Bordello who is traveling from Mexico to present their films with us.

Jorge Bordello, a queer Mexican artist from Tlaxcala (b. 1989) shares a feature length video, EL SIGLO DE LAS LUCES (The Century of Lights), almost censored by the Mexico City government in the exhibition El Chivo Expiatorio: SIDA + Violencia + Acción, and other video works engaging nationalism, patriarchy, queerness and the political body.

Dr. Itzia Fernández Escareño describes Bordello’s 5 part manifesto, EL SIGLO DE LAS LUCES, as a rich catalogue of “a century of homophobia, but above all of resistance and the exercise of pleasure, the seductive, subversive power in and of the homorerotic imaginary.”

The program will include a selection of current work SEÑALES DE CONQUSITA (Signs of Conquest) and other short video pieces by Bordello to introduce us to this maker's mind and practice. This program will be completely bilingual (Spanish and English) with subtitles and translation in both languages for our conversation with the artist following the screening. This screening was programmed by Jose Luis Benavides as part of the ongoing series Sin Cinta Previa.

by Jorge Bordello
2017, digital projection, 54 min

by Jorge Bordello
2019, digital projection, 14 min

by Jorge Bordello
2016, digital projection, 3 min

Jorge Bordello (b. Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1989) is a video artist whose work overlaps between the document and fiction, family archives and the national narratives, the assembly of the body and public life. Through his work, he implements audiovisual manipulation as a model of dialogue, in which cataloging and reprogramming is parasitic to the historiographic process. His accolades include awards such as the Fomento y Coinversiones Culturales (FONCA 2011), Jóvenes Creadores (PECDAT 2013, FONCA 2016), and the Programa de Apoyo a las Culturas Municipales y Comunitarias (PACMyC 2015). His video work has been part of festivals such as ULTRAcinema MX, FICUNAM, The International Postporno Festival, Cinemaissí: Latinamerican Film Festival and Contemporary Mexican Film Festival of Barcelona. He is currently working as program coordinator of the civil association coarco ac and is a programmer and host of the television project Imagen Nómada (Tlaxcala Televisión, Channel 22).


Queer Film Series: Considering Romance

Join us for a night of queer film hosted by Hiromi Ueyoshi, solo curator of Queer Film Series, as a part of the Monarch Art and Wellness Fair.

This double feature of I'VE HEARD THE MERMAIDS SINGING and DESERT HEARTS reflects on cinematic images of femme desire and challenges the role of cinema in constructing a queer world. Films selected by Ueyoshi explore cinema as a way to attain a greater understanding of the outside forces that historically suppress LGBTQIA+ communities. This program is run in partnership with filmfront and the first annual Monarch Art and Wellness Fair.

by Patricia Rozema
1987, digital projection, 81min

by Donna Deitch
1989, digital projection, 96 min

Hiromi Ueyoshi is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician. She is currently the sole programmer of Queer Film Series, a chronological exploration of LGBTQ representation in mainstream film.