Cookin' & Eatin'


Cookin’ & Eatin’ is an intimate culinary experience in the tradition of the family-style dinner. You are welcome to sit, laugh, contemplate, and, most importantly, get full. The first interaction of Cookin’ & Eatin’, hosted at filmfront, is in dialogue with Julie Dash’s 1991 film DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST where the on-screen family shares a meal by sea, salt, & sand. It is a place bountiful in shellfish that provides nourishment but also a reminder of a passageway connected to ancestral and current homelands. Cookin’ & Eatin’ will be accompanied by a reading of selections from The Cooking Gene by Michael Twitty & Making of Daughters of the Dust. A complementary PDF of the text will be available to those who RSVP.

by Julie Dash
1991, digital projection, 112 min

Program, program notes, and food by Janelle Ayana Miller.

Artist and Archivist Janelle Ayana Miller’s work reclaims historical narratives rooted within Black communal structures while allowing for interventions of nostalgia and folklore to take hold. her work often uses tropes of collage, photography, installation and found objects. recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and based in Chicago.


All About Eve


This is the final screening in a five-part series entitled AMERICAN EGO in which we invite the audience to view this selection of Classical Hollywood cinema with a critical eye to its preconceptions and depictions of success.

Part 5: Loss of Power

"Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) is a struggling young actress who meets her idol Margo Channing, a highly regarded but aging Broadway megastar, played by Bette Davis. Taking pity on Eve, Margo takes her on as a personal assistant, exposing her to the behind-the-scenes ropes and introducing her to the who’s who of Broadway. But before long, it becomes clear that naive Eve is cold-bloodedly using Margo, striving to upstage her by stealing Margo’s role and disrupting the lives of those closest to the actress. ALL ABOUT EVE examines identity, sexism, and ageism in regards to fame and success. The film is a commanding depiction of show business and the backstage life of Broadway and the New York Theater."

by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
1950, digital projection, 138 mins

Program notes and program by Ashley Cooper.

Ashley Cooper is a Location Coordinator for film and TV productions based in Chicago. She is a cinephile who has a passion for classic American cinema.